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Stay Busy w/ Armon Sadler "A Very Busy Anniversary Special - Way 2 Busy" feat. Alexis Salkey & Kevin Joseph


And just like that, two years have gone by. The Busy Boys are joined by two people who were integral to their growth: BET's Alexis Salkey and Samples 'N Friends' Kevin Joseph. Without Lex and Kev, there would be no Stay Busy logo and no commercial leading into Season 1. So, the guys catch up on what their guests have accomplished in 2021, things to look out for in 2022, their 2021 albums of the year, and Grammy predictions. CHAT - Alexis and Kevin share their favorite Stay Busy memories and ask the Busy Boys burning questions about the podcasting experience.  EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH - Friend of the room, groupchat king, Kemet High. SLIDE DECK - "You Know What" by N.E.R.D (Alexis), "I Gotcha" by Case (Kevin), "What It Is" by Amber Mark (Nic), and "Score" by Isaiah Rashad ft. SZA and 6LACK (Armon). NAME THAT SONG - Alexis and Kevin go from host and creator to competitors in Stay Busy's

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