SpaceGoat ⛮ The Age of Aquarius ⛮ (-Special Nu Disco Set-)

  • Album: Age Of Aquarius

Who is SpaceGoat? I'm a self-taught, bedroom DJ, experimenting with new stuff whenever I've got time. Using Traktor kontroller s2 mk3 connected to Traktor software, with a bad pair of headphones and speakers. So I'm sorry for the absurd EQ and gain in several parts of some sets. Your comments are so important as I don't have anybody around to comment and help me improve myself! And as always, keep rolling ✌️ "Dear Listener, I believe that music has the power to stir the soul as nothing else can. Also, with the simplest sounds and harmonies once can convey elaborate and touching stories. In my opinion, music doesn't need to be loud and abrasive, as even a skillfully created simple tune can move one emotionally. As an artist, I believe it's my responsibility to be creative and not follow,

  • Producer: SpaceGoatMix
  • Album: Age Of Aquarius
  • Release Date: January 22, 2020