Abnormal Nation Best Of Ini Abnormal Mix

  • Album: Soundreloaded.net


As the year is closing to an end, Ini Anormal released a mixtape titled "Best Of Ini Abnormal Mix. Since he has join the game, he hasn’t hugged the spotlight too tightly, he has been on the low working on new music project (Album) and this project is proved to be the culmination of Ini Abnormal‘s effort during the ongoing pandemic as many activities were upended. This mixtape encapsulate Ini Abnormal‘s meteoric rise in the music scene and forwarding momentum as this showed his preparedness for the forthcoming Album he's about to bless his fans entitled "Superman". ‘This mixtape is a must-listen for everyone’ enjoy and share your thoughts.

  • Album: Soundreloaded.net
  • Release Date: August 8, 2020