Zecex 《闇子》風船病《UTAUカバー》

  • Feat. 闇子
  • Producer: ばぶちゃん,Zecex
  • Added on: Dec 6th, 2019 by Zecex
I finished this rather quickly, surprisingly... I used 5 different banks in it, so yeah that was fun... I'm working really hard to get new things out, I swear;; I'm actually working on a big project for Yamiko at the moment, so not many banks will be released any time soon. But! I do have many banks recorded (that I don't plan to make a release for) so I may just release them unotoed...
I'd also like to thank Juude for taking the time to mix;;

Song: ばぶちゃん
UST: Kowareta
Tuning: Me
Mixing: Juudenki

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