Yung Gravy Boomin

  • Feat. bbno$
  • Album: Baby Gravy EP
  • Added on: Oct 11th, 2017 by Yung Gravy
Editor's Notes: What’s happening in Wisconsin? Yung Gravy is happening in Wisconsin. The faceless internet sensation is part SoundCloud rapper and part stand-up comedian.You likely know him for his off-kilter flow and love of 50s samples on “Mr. Clean,” but while Yung Gravy may appear to exist as a gag, the man can really rap his ass off when the dust settles—and he has his own clothing line. Now we have the ‘Baby Gravy’ EP, a project that distills what makes Yung Gravy such a viral hit, with a dose of his actual rap ability and hilarious lyrics. He has a rich timbre, no surprise, and the writing is packed with hysterics and gravy puns. It doesn’t sound like the EP you need, but one play through, and it becomes the EP you’ve always wanted. Yung Gravy is a weirdo, and for that reason, we love him.


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