YBN Cordae Scotty Pippen

  • Album: Scotty Pippen
  • Added on: Sep 17th, 2018 by YBN Cordae
Editor's Notes: YBN Cordae is not simply bridging the gap between old school rap writing and new school flows, he's turning the weighty task into a party. With "Scotty Pippen," Cordae is moving music forward with tricking flows and dizzying slips into double time raps. Cordae takes the well known pace of the triplet flow and gives it new life. On paper, "Scotty Pippen" is a compelling flex track wherein Cordae's unique drawl and cadence smooth out the edges of his delivery. His wordplay and youthful jeer make the song an irresistible jewel in his quickly growing collection of solid singles. No wonder Dr. Dre wants to work with the young artist.


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