YANK$ Killin' Me


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Yank$ has done it again! Another track is in full rotation for the masses to enjoy. The melodic beat of “Killin me” (Prod. Sahara Beats) cushions the listeners ability to relate to emotional loss and traumatic shock. We’ve all experienced betrayal in some form of another, but its uncanny to think you can play this track and be happy about the many passions that it incites.
The song is extremely compelling due to the authenticity that is portrayed. “The hook expresses feelings and sentiments towards a situation with a dear friend, the fact that we haven’t been able to work out our differences has been “Killin Me” and I put it all into the hook”. If you’re going through the motions, this track touches on those feelings and brings you to state of acceptance and excitement especially with the second half of the track. This record can be found on all streaming platforms.
  • Producer: Sahara
  • Added on: Mar 28th, 2019

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