Discrete, Sistek Typo

  • Feat. Tudor & Voss
  • Producer: Discrete,Sistek
  • Album: Typo (ft. Tudor, Voss)
  • Added on: Jan 13th, 2020 by Discrete
Discrete and Sistek are pitting girl against boy in the extremely catchy electro pop gem, "Typo," which finds lovers sorting through their mixed feelings during a two-way dispute. Tudor croons to his former partner, pleading his case. Voss holds out as long as possible, but is swayed back by the end of the release. Sistek’s tropical feels blend with Discrete’s momentous sounds to create an unforgettable release. The fusion between Sistek’s Chilean vibes, Tudor’s Welsh voice and Discrete’s Nordic tones are a testament to the modern, global landscape of music. A simple guitar riff slowly grows throughout the course of the song and by the time of the chorus, listeners are treated to a catchy vocal chop.


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