RL Grime I Wanna Know (BEAUZ Remix)

  • Feat. Daya
We'd like to introduce you to BEAUZ.

We are honored to have them join our collective and are motivated to keep pushing the quality of our releases and slowly have our audience think about nothing but gold when they see a VXII release coming.

RL Grime's single "I Wanna Know" is extremely addictive and perfect just the way it is but BEUZ didn't dissapoint us in the slightest when they sent this remix over. While the original was a bit more dark, this duo opened the curtains and poured a little sunlight on Daya's vocals!
this really feels like a different perspective on the story she's telling, the slow and prgoressive verse that builds up into the chorus that is designed to give you full body goosebumps, and then the proximity type drop that we all remember and love just sucks us in and immerses us into the melody.
We know this is not the usual style we release and this can't even be called Trap but we love to keep expending our wings and trying to have every release be unique!

VXII Presents "I Wanna Know"

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  • Producer: BEAUZ
  • Added on: Aug 20th, 2018