Two Friends Bandaid (Facade & AVSTIN JAMES Remix)

Supported by Two Friends.

We'd like to introduce you to Facade and AVSTIN JAMES.

Using a person as a bandaid for a broken heart and having his love and affection ease the pain of a relationship that has ended is not the perfect way to move on, but nonetheless it is a way we are all too familiar with. It's so hard to forget about the past if you can't have fun without comitement and just let go. A wound cannot heal if no one is there to close it, it doesn't have to be someone that will stick around for eternity, it can be a one night stand or can be a beautiful weeknd with someone you wont ever see again. when the drums and kicks come in we slowly get introduced to the tempo of the track, building up differently from the original but not completely to not change the summer vibes we've heard in Two Friend's version. The kicks and drums stop for a couple of moments just to come back even harder on this impactful and exciting drop. Reminding us a lot of the original but being upgraded and updated with a beautiful guitar lead to acompany the vocal chops, and a deeper and harder hitting bass. VXII Presents "Bandaid"
  • Producer: Facade & AVSTIN JAMES
  • Added on: Sep 3rd, 2018