Tungevaag & Raaban All For Love (Vosai Remix)

We'd like to introduce you to Vosai.

Vosai is an upcoming producer who joined the collective not too long ago, collaberating with Jagsy on the track "Down For Anything" which received great results and feedback from our fans and pushed him to pursue this style of electronic music further.
Ever since that upload we've worked with him on mutliple tracks, one being an official remix for "Little Poor Me" by Layto which was released on Lowly Palace!

His remix of Tungevaag & Raaban's single has so many things going for it. Having such a beautiful verse flpped into melodic trap makes us imagine a painter slowly but accurately waving his brush on a canvas with beautiful waves of bright colors. the break and the build up create goosebumps and have us biting our nails in excitement for what's to come. Finally comes an impactful and unique drop that splashes every existing color on the canvas and creates a beautiful masterpiece that loops in our heads in circles till we listen to it again.

VXII Presents "All For Love"

Follow Vosai: soundcloud.com/vosaiofficial
  • Producer: Vosai
  • Added on: Aug 23rd, 2018