Uzi Ballin (Remix) #ThrowbackSessions

  • Feat. Strillz & Khal'El
  • Album: #ThrowbackSessions
  • Added on: Jul 25th, 2014 by Uzi
"Ballin (Remix)" again falls back to early '07 with #ThrowbackSessions during my early days on the mic. We did a parody of the then popular We Fly High (Ballin) song that put our own twist to it. No attempts at greatness here, just a young group of guys doing a comedy song for shiggles. I summoned my close homey Jon to scream obnoxious adlibs and the song turned out pretty goofy. #ThrowbackSessions is a collection of songs written and recorded from '06-'09 that display my growth as an artist and emcee


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