Tha PoeticMvff Tha Gang

  • Producer: T.J.S Ngwenya/SB On The Beat/Yung Kartz
  • Album: One Verse : I'm Not Amenable
  • Added on: Apr 6th, 2019 by Thulane Swizzy X Ngwenya
Tha Gang [Hook]
With The Gang
When we in the groove
With The Gang
When we pulling through
With The Gang
All these ratchets want the juice
I Be With The Gang
Mawutiva ngatsi uLoose
Back at it Sounding like some crack addict
Im just tryna move around Find me in the way in
Slow pacing to this music like we blooming
Old age and Road age
Is something equal
Bang Bang We ain't honest too
We be in the move Find something
I'm anonymous
Why you tryna pull, tryna fucks with us
I ain't tryna fool , tryna rule when you run with us
I'm back stage age and rage asians
And I'm evil
A man-made A greenade and that's sequel
I ain't got the time in the world to be a bully I ain't gonna define why you want a preview
That's me enlighting the wrong issues
That's me and i mean im all in to
Chimney squad
I break and pass
I'm in the Indie squad
All these other rappers tryna bring their flaws
I'm in the game with the gang Put your hands up We the best in the rest don't contest
Chimney Squad My jiggas run the mob
Chimney Squad
My jiggas on the run
Chimney Squad
My jiggas waiting
I been moving but its weighing
I been in it but it's late and



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