Thousand Story Angela Estelle and the Internet // TSP023

Angela Estelle does a lot, and goes through even more. x.x

You ever taken the internet for granted? Of course you have. You probably never sat down to think about how user-friendly instagram, or Facebook, or Amazon is! They have millions of things in there and you know how to use most of those things. But you don’t realize how hard it is to make an easy site. That's where Angela Estelle comes in. And she's talking reality as a POC Woman in the tech world. Spolier Alert: She goes through it.

Angela's Story (1:33)
Making simple sites are harder than you'd think (6:45)
Buying fans vs. organic growth (22:40)
Building your brand (36:34)
Setting your threshold for bullshit (58:25)
#Metoo? (67:40)
Pay Your Artists! (79:25)


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