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  • Album: Underwater Festival
  • Added on: Mar 26th, 2019 by The Jam Shark
This song is from the summer of 2012, It was the second song i created in that time. I can tell that i wasn't well understood with adding other beats and sounds to the song. And a result of that makes this song repeat the same beats and tones over and over again. So since this song is an archive from 2012, i will be doing a lot of remaking of these archived songs into better, more Jam like versions to fit my name a little better. I'm just sharing these old songs to better myself from the past.

Now when i remake these songs, the old original versions will still be available for stream/downloading either here or on my official site. I will have a tab available on my website for the old versions if or when i get a remake uploaded.

Please only download this track for personal use.

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