The Dynamic Hamza 21 A Tribute To Sanaa Lathan (2015)

I have been sitting on this mix for nearly three months now. Originally I planned on releasing this tribute to actress Sanaa Lathan back in June but since her birthday (September 19th) and her new movie (September 11th) is due to be released this month I decided this would be the perfect time for the project to be released. Over the years many of us have seen Hip Hop artists pay tribute to actress Lisa Bonet and Christina Ricci . As well to Rosario Dawson but no one, to my knowledge, has released a tribute to Love and Basketball's Sanaa Lathan. In this mix I gathered a nice mixture of R&B tunes from 80's and 90's that I think reflect the style of NaNa. Enjoy Download Here:!vAhlzZpS!qGoL9fVh5Z0GUSOAhDVL5wWhleOCC4H1Dd9I7S_5STs


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