The Hype Magazine Christopher Darkins Live Session

Former NFL Green Bay Packer Christopher Darkins is a leading Congressionally Recognized Prison Reform activist and the Community Chief leader of YahLife's Criminal and Economic Justice Syndicate (CEJS) in Houston. Specializing in helping African Americans who've been wrongfully accused and convicted, CEJS have gotten members out of jail, received a number of dismissals, and have many more in the pipeline. Currently, CEJS is aiding Gucci Mane's label artist Ralo in his current drug conspiracy charges. Ralo is known in west side for purchasing a 26 unit apartment complex for community members to live in rent-free while receiving an allowance. He truly embodied the "Buy The Block" mentality. Darkins is committed to the empowerment of our community through the unification of our collective interest, re-establishing cultural ties with our ancestral tribal families, and fighting injustice.
  • Producer: Jerry Doby
  • Album: The Hype Magazine Live Sessions
  • Added on: Mar 18th, 2019

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