Terrell Mackey New Coat (Sugadaddy)

  • Producer: Hassan Barclay, Saedi & Tony! Toni! Tone!
  • Album: .substance.Nº4
  • Added on: Oct 4th, 2017 by Terrell Mackey
Now that we are approaching the end of 2017 I felt the need to put something out that moves the people in a way that still feels like Summer. It's so hard to let Summer go, ask September. September was that baddie that posts bikini pics while it's snowing outside. But as October has reminded us, winter is coming & the first thing I associate with that type of weather is the new fall fashion. Growing up in Philly there were always these ol head playas that would claim their lady by buying her a bomb ass jacket. Most of the time it was a Fur for the winter. Classic OG shit. We used to clown them as youngins & call them Sugadaddies. 😂 little did we know the gesture of buying ur lady sumthin 🔥 of high quality goes a loooooong way. 👌Here’s a groove for ya ears, “New Coat”,


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