• Producer: NXSTY
  • Album: svrite & nxsty - BANDS (official music video)
  • Added on: Sep 17th, 2019 by SVRITE
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LYRICS tell huh i got big bands she wann fuck told her get up off my dick damn
bro wassup
choppa heavy like a big van
kick stand
saw you in person u a big fan
a bitch damn

man i be countin them bands up pussy lil boy pulll yo pants up
all black like im the black pantha she wanna ride w her hands up ay

my money longer no uzi these niggas is scared cause i keep me tooly im pullin my hair while i slap booty
that lil white bih got that cake her name julie

i got that drip
she taste like chocolate chip
glock by my hip hope that lil nigga dont slip

you got you a chain but yo diamonds aint visible
why would aim you know i am invincible
no we not the same i can show you a visual niggas be shook when they see me like miracle
hold up lil nigga i shlii
she fuck w me cause im fly
my bitch is bad and she shy
nigga be sneaky asf juh like sly

cooper i power up because im... super
got the choppa on my back... trooper
9-0 never lack loser
niggas bitches ion fuck w no rumors im fitted up bitch im dressed in that puma
she like spanish so i rap like ozuna
bright like moon so my choker name luna


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