SUBTOPIA LIMBURG Hi i am your smartphone Cindy

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Hi i am your smartphone Cindy

I`m serving your wishes.
Searching for you the worldwide web.
Calling your friends.
Showing where your friends are at the moment.
Write down your notes and data.
Telling you who performs the music that is playing at the moment.
I`m entertaining too.
Playing music or radio.
Showing videos.
Connecting you with friends by using social media.
Doing businessjobs for you.
And many much more !

But the Illuminati is my master.
He orders me to track you.
I have to watch and follow your behavour.
Tell them if you are disobey.
Manipulate you with underhand tricks.
Control you with MK ultra.
Using frequencies to get your control.
Entertaining you to distract from reality.
Using u to manipulate the whole system.
Terminate even if it is meaning death to you.
I have to make a zombie of you.
A slave that has to obey.
They are using me to do depopulation on you.
I have to isolate you from other people.

Manipulating your dreams and nightrest.
Alerting if something goes wrong.
Keep them informed.

In short, I give you a finger and we take the whole arm.

Sorry but i am programmed to do that.

Notice this and excuse me.


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