Sphinx Saga The Message

  • Album: The Hidden Truth
  • Added on: Feb 28th, 2017 by SphinxSaga1

Artist : Sphinx Saga

Area : Bronx

Publishing : ASCAP

Biography :

This is the music that will bring forth the necessary redevelopment of the Hip-Hop genre.

It is much more than what it presently appears to be.

The creative innocence that was initially very apparent within the Hip-Hop genre has been demoted to a conformed institution.

The music that exist has created a flux of ignorance that is somewhat conquering the morality of the youth.

People in this world all dance to two different beats.

The one that is beneficial, or the one that is detrimental.

This all happens within the biorhythms of our individual human auras and the vibes we carry within.

Hip-Hop is sick right now and being held captive.


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