Sneecko Mankind I miss you

  • Producer: Rotar zasha
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Artist: Sneecko

Ngaze ngamkhumbul'umuntu boh ×2
Ngaze ngaskhumbul'isthandwa Sam ×2
I Remember the last time she open my door
She sunken my heart to the Floor
I so wish that you were here
To hold my hand
To hold my hand
I so wish that you were here
To help me stand
To help me stand
I so wish that you were here
To wipe away all my tears
To take away all my fears
Since you are not
I want you to know
I miss you more than I show

[Verse 1]

I'm Having hazzy days I can't do anything without you,
I'm feeling so down, I'm feeling so blue
Baby when I'm with you I'm feeling so good,
Without you there's nothing seems so good,
I just miss you so much Plz come soon,
Missing someone from the heart , I feel the pain,
When I know that you are far, I feel depressed, ah plz don't suppress,
Buya Phela sthandwa Sami now I really miss you
When I say that I miss you, I really mean a lot,
Always stay in my dreams always in my heart,
I can't stay moment without you,
I can't stay lonely like this,
Days are not the Same, knights are not the same
There's no oney to blame, Ngbuyis'umqond' I remember your name,


[Verse 2]

My world is got , delusion without, Continues ...


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