SkitzoFreniaK Never Break

  • Album: Determination
  • Added on: May 15th, 2015 by SkitzoFreniaK
ive taken u here before , but please , come back in in the meanwhile i tell my story and let u soak it ini tend to break myself down for no reason iam mischievinglock me in my cell, cuz u know the world is deceivingdidnt write for a long time and iam barely breathingchoked with daily life that will get u got ,for no reasonexposing myself to this , not feeling lifelong blissrude awakening for those that miss ,sigh, life is shortbreathing in and breathing out , life will pass without a doubtget me back up on my feet , before i suffer defeattie me on a string , let the angels come out n singgoing down with piercing sting , break myself no panickingive been here before , let me be , i know the scoregive me a peace of mind ,man ,i couldnt ask for moremurder my aspirations cuz im thinking outta


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