SkitzoFreniaK Determination

  • Producer: Danson
  • Album: Determination
  • Added on: Mar 19th, 2014 by SkitzoFreniaK
bitter sweet is the road that i am on my heart is not easy to penetrate like the pentagon looking back alot of memories that could have been ( sweeter ) iam here to learn from mistakes , not a fucking sin my writing hand getting tired of not being heard i speak with passion everytime i record but its unheard like standing within a crowd gettin my point across but fuck it , not hearing me rap is their loss when will i transform my allspark, to brains all it does is causing me migraines this talent has to live on but its too sick my promotional skills are just not too slick honest with my writings and im designed to connect with all my findings ...i share my passion for the world to see never givin up determined for the world to see, me nothing can stop me determined for the


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