Sidibe Hold Your Breath


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Written by Sidibe and Nico Stadi
Produced by Nico Stadi
Vocals - Sidibe
Keys - Warryn Campbell

"Hold Your Breath" (lyrics)
Told my baby I would never lie
Never really had a reason why
So it seemed until you walked into my world

Can't remember how it all began
Now I'm having thoughts of you not him Guess I never thought I'd act like that Now I’m caught in between of what I say and what I mean
There's a man in my life
And I wanna do what's right
I'll get lost in this space
If I look in your face tonight

I don’t care who sees
Love the way you notice me
Now I’m falling in too deep
I don’t really mind

Don’t you hold your breath
Haven’t made my mind up yet
I wish that we had never met
I want you all the time

Probably shouldn't let you get too close
But there’s a part of me that wants to know What it's like to feel those butterflies again

I should leave these thoughts inside my head
Before I end up lying in your bed
Either way I know I can’t turn back

Now I’m caugh
  • Producer: Nico Stadi
  • Added on: Jun 14th, 2019

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