Young Jab Money Calling - Freestyle

LVLYSL's YOUNG JAB releases a new freestyle titled, "Money Calling". Young Jab has garnered an abundant amount of interest as an emerging artist, even without a debut project; working with acclaimed producer Harry Fraud and guest-starring with Neako on the track "The Lufthansa Heist", watch here via Complex Magazine: He has been featured on Neako's “LOUDPack Tree”, "The Number 23", "LVLZebra", "LoudPack 4", and "Ess Ess" mixtapes. Look out for his debut project coming 2013, under the LVLYSL Inc. label. Neako's collective and record label LVLYSL Inc. has released a new freestyle by it’s five members each day of this week, this new record by Young Jab marks number 3 (Monday: Bonnie Blunts - "CatWalk", Tuesday: Fresh M
  • Added on: Dec 19th, 2012