Saffari Victims of the night

  • Producer: Hector Armando Herrera
  • Album: Victims of the Night
  • Added on: Jan 6th, 2018 by Saffari
First single of this new nostalgia 80s sounding project. Enjoy.

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Baby, i drove a thousand miles
and i just came here to love you
Honey, you may think that i'm lying
but my heart's a minute away

Let´s take a ride and forget our worries
let´s jump inside and pretend there´s nothing else
something is waiting for us
and here we come

And if you say the word
baby i can be yours now

Come on darling i know you can´t deny it
Moon is shining
Just like lovers, nothing but each other
Gonna live our lives just like

Victims of the night
We are victims of the night
We are victims of the

Baby, i drove a million miles
and i just came here to see you
Honey, you may think


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