RosecransAve Rosecrans Radio 060 With Giggles Irene Featuring Lotto Richie & G Corleone

Rosecrans Radio got to learn more about a decorated veteran in the rap game who goes by Lotto Richie. The Philadelphia native was signed by Ruff Ryders as a teen, was mentored by Swizz Beatz, battled and toured with Cassidy, was around during DMX, LOX and other legendary sessions. He also tells about his move to LA, getting in his bag and his most recent project BAGS II plus much more. And we play fire new music by 03 Greedo, Pimp Pimp P, T Swish, LowTheGreat, 1TakeJay, Kalan Frfr, AzSwaye, JoogFTR, 1TakeQuan, Rucci, Aston Matthews, Lotto Richie, G Coreleone and more.
  • Added on: Jun 11th, 2018