Rome Clientel You Want War (Prod by Parks)

You Want War? Well, step to Rome Clientel and that’s exactly what you’re gonna get. On the latest song release off his forthcoming EP, making its world premiere right here in the Booth, the Elmira, N.Y. rhymesayer dons his armor and rides into battle against the forces of wackness, determined to cut down every lame who crosses his path. Though lyrical aggression is the order of the day, Rome displays characteristic verbal ingenuity over Parks’ martial rhythms, admitting, “The 7up and Absolut has got me feelin’ like a jump without a parachute.” and describing himself as a, “cross between some Listerine and Mr. Clean.” Be on the lookout for The Empire 2: The Battlegrounds dropping Tuesday, October 16th, on
  • Producer: Parks
  • Album: The Empire: The Battlegrounds EP
  • Added on: October 11, 2012