tory lane LUV

my lady my love thing its just me and you/ when you double your grind you help your dreams come true/ she a soldier she a rider she hold me down, like whats a king with out his queen she help me wear the crown/ love jones got me writing these love song, or a perfect match, chayce is a perfect batch i swear/ me and you it was destine that was crystal clear, real love if you loose it bet it reappear/ don't get it twisted hard times find everybody, but when you focus, talking down you don't care about it/ remain grounded show our ass if we want to, but when you bless its certain things you just don't do/ my sweet thing, thought of you when the beat played, ride forever i swear this love is a freeway/ your handy man, like eddie back in the pj's, ill do it all a 2nd time lets replay.....


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