Rob Markman Lord Knows Freestyle

They not gonna like how you movin'
Lonzo Ball out this bitch, they gonna criticize ya shootin'
You took it to the gym, tweaked a couple of movements
Shoot a couple shots, now you tryna see improvement
I told 'em I was nice, they talkin' bout, "Who ghost write?"
Yeah aite, not even on an off night
The penmanship tight, and we can set it off, right?
Not a word, not even on my Off-Whites
I will send 'em back to Virgil
Wanna war premature? I'll send 'em back to birth you
A knife in a gun fight? I'll send 'em back to search you
An old Sicilian message, I'll send it back to irk you
You know I cried when Luca died
Sent him on a mission, but that mission was a suicide
They said, "Rob you got too much pride"
I said, "I got two hands, two feet, I'm too alive"
  • Added on: Dec 30th, 2019