RifThunder Revenge With Warheads (RifThunder Mashup)

Title was supposed to be "A Warhead's Revenge" until I found out what warhead meant actually.

I thought a warhead is someone who has been in a long war and I related myself to that as I am fighting my own war in life ever since I realised it since young. All the time in this "war", I was trying to defeat the end boss to get the "revenge" for the despicable actions he had done. Of course, this war is still ongoing. :/

This is the 4th mashup in "Dark Things" mashup collection. 5th(last in collection) mashup will be up on 22nd May.

Delta Heavy - Revenge
Muzzy & Droptek - Warhead

I hope you will enjoy this mashup and please follow the artists behind the two original tracks in this mashup.

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