Rich Double No Deal

  • Feat. Navv Greene
No deal is my favorite song that I have recorded since I moved to Atlanta, it touches in on some important topics that independent artist go through. People are in such a dire state for a deal
that many artists lose their self-identity and who they are artistically to feel that they are part of something.
In this record I am letting my followers know that times have changed and you need the records label just as much as they need you and vice versa. It’s also possible to sign yourself, promote yourself and boost yourself up with all that we have available to us such as YouTube, Instagram and other Social Media outlets.
To add a touch of humor to the record you hear the skit by Atlanta native comedian Navv Greene who embellishes on what someone did for a deal.
  • Producer: Phreshman
  • Album: Space God District 2
  • Added on: Jun 21st, 2018