Remé Odd Hey Darlin'

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  • Added on: Sep 21st, 2016 by Remé Odd
Hey Darlin' is about me telling a story of a boy having a crush on a girl. The love for the girl starts innocently as the boy dreams about the girl but waking up holding his dick because his dreams about the gIrl are you know sexual. This love for the girl starts showing signs of obsession as the boy even references masturbating over the girls pictures. The love eventually becomes an obsession as the boy evens tries suicide because he can't get the girl because she has a boyfriend. His suicide attempt fails and he only ends up dizzy. From the frustration of not dying he makes a decision of killing her boyfriend with poison and then dating her. The final skit shows the girl crying that her boyfriend is dead. That boy is Remé Odd. Hope you enjoy the song


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