Reh Dogg Super Tech

  • Producer: Rasean Blyden
  • Added on: Feb 28th, 2014 by Reh Dogg
Lately my body fatigue niggas they talk about my work speed
Propping up a young tech makes me mad I wanna snap his motherfucking neck
Some say he’s stronger,faster,better than me I’d be that way to If I skipped all my stops
Rushing home to play my motherfucking Xbox
Stop you’re not a friend to me Skeptical and ADJ they forced me
Now I’m miserable and angry got this fake nice keep it up keep the peace
Start time is 7 am don’t get a work partner til 8 and yall niggas why wonder why I’m motherfucking late
Imma do what I gotta do you do what you gotta do 3-2 that’s motherfuck you
I don’t give a fuck I did my motherfucking homework

Cause lately my body fatigue niggas they talk about my motherfucking work speed
Propping up that young fucking tech make me so mad I wanna snap his motherfu


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