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Lets...Pretend...like the pain is not deep- in..calling my demons I'm all in my dreaming..thinking...maybe we can begin? where..we left off...when you touching me soft? and we aaaaall..just..having a baaall..you was there for me angel anytime I would fall... feeling fallen...weaker...when I see her...off in somebody elses arms...oooften...sick..clinging to love that doesn't exist..tsk...tsk. believing in my heart I knew that I would take a risk pissed...I won't admit...until now...I thought it was it..a ring on my finger..maybe a couple kids...but shit we can fake it take it to my bedroom and get naked I can tell you that I love you you can tell me all the same thangs before all the pain came I'm struggling to maintain my brain insane change..when I'm hurting thinking about (You)

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