Pugs Atomz I Do It (The Summit) Prod. by Aye Be You

And I walked away into the sunset who would of thunk it /pressure pushing in like fingers on the trumpet/whether tea and crumpets coffee or donuts dunkin'/ corner store hot chips with a soda or something/ my kind we always overcometh/ & arrive to the summit, while many parish plummet / I knew since momma's stomach greatness I must become it pressing on the pedal and no meddling assumption sure as the night sky and the moon rise constant I'm a will a fortune moving vowels and them consonants nowadays look at me done toured all continents king of my domain I reign dominant like the rain in Spain he say she say keep pushing for change like buttons at the arcade right now this is my day salute Aye Be You we start tomorrow today
  • Producer: Aye Be You
  • Added on: Jun 8th, 2016