Miss Subliminals Weight Loss + Diet -- Subliminal Affirmations

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This will:
- Remove excess fat from your body
- Get thinner until you reach the most ideal weight for you
- Supernaturally high metabolism
- Stay slim regardless of what you eat
- Have an extremely attractive slim body
- Eat healthy food more often
- Have healthy eating habits.

This won't give you your desired weight, unless your desired weight is the most ideal weight for you.

For example: If you have 90kg and you want to be 45kg but the most ideal weight for you is 50kg then you won't reach the 45kg.

I did this in this form, because I do not know who is going to find this and what they have in their mind. In this way, if someone who suffers from anorexia listened to this, they wouldn't get results. All my subliminals:
Are downloadable
No frequencies
Can be heard without earphones

Results depend on each person. Listen for one hour to get faster results. If you feel overwhelmed, reduce the listening time to 30 minutes.


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