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I HIGHLY recommend you to listen to this for at least one hour to get results. After that, wait for at least one hour to get back to your subliminals.
A subliminal flush is designed to remove previous affirmations that are cluttering your subconscious. When you have lots of clutter in your subconscious you usually have trouble getting results from subliminals. This happens when you switch subliminals a lot.

Affirmations include:
- Release any blockages
- Realease any stubbornness
- Clean your mind from any clutter
- Organize your thoughtd
- Remove previous affirmations
- Remove any negative affirmations
- Reverse any negative results
- Reverse any undesired results
- Keep all your current desired results - Refreshed subconscious
- Repair any damage to your mind
- Release any negative energies
- Let go of obsession with results and your past
- Positive and healthy outlook
- Healthier subconscious
- More powerful subconscious
- Stronger belief in subliminals
- Absorve affirmations faster and easier
- Get results from any subliminal you listen to
- Instant and stronger results from subliminals
- Amazing visualization skills
- Be consistent with subliminals


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