Miss Subliminals Mega Ultimate Booster

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I recommend listening to this at least 2-3 times before each subliminal. Affirmations include:
–Affirmations always have an extremely huge impact on you
–Release spiritual, energetic, physical, emotional blockages
–Release negative/thoughts + feelings
–High vibration + Aligned chakras
–Always get full results with any type of affirmations + any sub you listen to
–Clean pure aura
–Subconscious that absorbs all the affirmations easily and instantly
–Have full faith in subliminals
–Powerful healthy subconscious mind
–Repair any damage done to your subconscious
–Ask permission to your body, mind, soul and universe to change
–LOA master
–Less stubborn brain
–Release stress + relief headaches/migraines
–Release resistance/attachment to results/goals
–Be consistent + motivated to use your subliminal playlist
–Accepted results
–Get faster results every time youdrink water, sleep, eat, watch TV, shower, play games, listen to music, etc. –Extremely healthy body and mind
–Higher self in perfect harmony with source energy
–Subconscious and conscious mind perfectly aligned
–Results 999 millinillion times faster –DNA matches results
–Safe + permanent results


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