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Affirmations include:
–manifest a wishbook
–all wishes/affirmations you write down are fulfilled
–Always think about your wish carefully before writing it down
–only write down wishes you are 100% sure about
–the wishes you write down are harmless
–wishes always have positive outcomes
–wishbook can only be used by you
–higher self perfectly connected to the source energy
–higher self in full harmony with source energy
–subconscious and conscious mind are completely aligned
–Release any attachment and obsession with results/outcome Your subconscious and your conscious mind need to be aligned in order for something to be manifested. Manifestation subliminals work because we have a higher consciousness/higher self that is connected to the source energy and that is how we can manifest things through law of attraction and subliminals.

my subliminals:
❥are unissex except if they say "woman" or "male" in the description/title
❥don't have frequencies/binaural beats
❥you don't have to know english
❥you don't need earphones/headphones

Listen to this for at least 30 minutes to one hour or more as long as you don't feel overwhelmed.

Results depend on each person.


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