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Parents that: *Are kind loving cool *Treat you kindly and respectfully *Respect you verbally, physically + emotionally *allow you to stay out for hours + go out at night *To sleep over anyone's house *Recognize you as responsible + trustworthy *allow you to follow any career you want *accept how you are and your sexuality, LGBTQ+, grades, style, likes + body *Let you wear anything *allow you to have sex, to drink alcohol, to smoke, to go to concerts, nightclubs + parties, get piercing + tattoos *allow you to go anywhere you desire *to travel/move to anywhere by your own *allow you to marry/date whoever you desire + to have your own house, car + job *allow you to follow any religion + to believe in what you want *allow you to use makeup + give you a monthly allowance *manifest a better paying job for your parents *always try to buy what you want + always have money to buy it *Always try to take you on vacation *Recognize your free-will *Respect your feelings *Allow you to go to your desired school/university; to study abroad *Allow you to have social media + to say whatever you want *always talk calmly and have mature conversations w/ you instead of punishing

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