Miss Subliminals Glo Up || Subliminal

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Affirmations include:
- Glow up
- Be the prettiest girl in your school/in the world
- Get prettier every time you listen to this subliminal
- Become extremely attractive and beautiful
- Beautiful facial features
- Proportional facial features that fully compliment each other
- Extremely attractive facial features position and distance from each other
- Attractive amount of facial symmetry
- Be extremely photo and videogenic
- Look good in any picture, video, angle, pose, lightning
- look extremely beautiful with makeup and bare face
- Clear flawless skin
- People find you beautiful
- Attractive personality
- Be confident
- Self-esteem
- Get all the clothes you love

My instagram: @missubliminals

all my subliminals:
are unissex except if they say "woman" or "male" in the description/title
don't have frequencies and don't have binaural beats
you can multitask
you can listen overnight
you don't have to know english can be downloaded
you don't have to use earphones or headphones
are permanent

Listen to this for at least 30 minutes to one hour. You can listen to more, but make sure you don't feel overwhelmed.

Results come different for everyone.


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