Miss Subliminals Chronos Booster

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Listen 2/3 times (or more if desired) in one day or, if you want, you can use it before and after each subliminal.

This is a complimentary booster, which means it can be used with any other booster without cluttering or clashing or having to switch, but you an use it alone as well. "This subliminal will dilate time so that you get results like if you were inside the hyperbolic time chamber. The way it works is for ever minute that you do something you will get the results as if you had done that thing for 8 hours."

You will only get the results, not symptoms like pain or feeling exhausted.

Affirmations include:
- Be permanently free from any emotional, energetic, mental, physical, spiritual blockages
- Refreshed healthy powerful subconscious
- Permanently heal any emotional, mental and physical damage/trauma
- Subconscious and conscious mind that are in complete alignment
- Mind, soul and body that are in complete balance and harmony permanently
- 1 minute listening to one subliminal equals to 8 hours
- 2 minutes equals to 16 hours
- 5 hours equals to 2400 hours
- 20 hours equals to 10k hours
- Etc.
- Absolutely safe Results
- Desired results are permanent


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