Miss Subliminals Beautiful Singing Voice ll Subliminal

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Affirmations include:
- Have a beautiful unique mesmerizing voice
- Amazing singing skills
- Easily hit and hold any note
- Easily change pitch range and sing in any pitch
- Perfectly control and balance your airflow
- Easily express your feelings any mussic through singing
- Have an amazing singing rhythm
- Perfectly opened throat while singing
- Have a wide vocal range
- Beautiful whistle register
- Beautiful timbre and vibrato
- Beautiful vocal registers and riffs
- Beautiful vocal resonance
- Good vocal technique
- Good vocal belting and weight
- Beautiful vocal tessitura and transition points
- Beautiful voice texture

I do NOT accept requests.

All my subliminals:
Are downloadable
No frequencies
Can be heard without earphones

Results depend on each person. Listen between 30 minutes and one hour to get faster results. If you feel overwhelmed, reduce the listening time to 6 times.


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