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  • Producer: Lil Brudda
  • Album: Pleasure N' Payne
  • Added on: Sep 15th, 2015 by Marc Payne
Uncle James once told me to use my family name “Payne” in every solo project I release, so "Pleasure N' Payne seemed fitting to name this project. Released in between "Growing Paynes," which was about struggling with vices, and my next upcoming project, "Payne To Fame, which is about reaching your full potential, "Pleasure N' Payne" is about finding balance. On the journey to finding myself I am learning how to master the art of controlling my energy and the energy I allow around me. I’ve made poor choices in my past that have led to poor career moves and developed vices and in the end led to pain. After realizing the key to life and death lies on the tip of the tongue, as the words we speak or rap about, I grew as a man and wanted to create a body of work that captured my truth.


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