OverPushed Tim Don't Push Magix Music Studio Remix

  • Added on: Mar 23rd, 2016 by OverPushed Tim
Here is the Magix Music Studio Remix of my Don't Push song I just got remixed sounding even better last night. I just wanted to show everybody how good sounding I was able to get this song of mine remixed also in the Magix Music Studio program I lately just bought online from Magix. I listened to it over headphones on my phone while walking to work at Burger King this morning, and it's also good and clear sounding over them as well as my sharp speakers and small Alesis studio monitor speakers. I really like the way I got it mixed to where it really handles well over my small Alesis studio monitors, because then I know it's also going to handle well over all other small speakers besides just playing good on big speakers.


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