Righteousman Save Nigeria

  • Album: Praise Affairs Int'l
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There's this story of a woman, a very old woman. In her youth days, everybody envied her beauty, every man wanted her and every woman wanted to be like her. She's blessed with many children and they are all over the place. Some went to ply their trade across the four corners of the nation while some even went abroad to sojourn. Now this old woman is left on her own in the village like she has no one. She's mocked to scorn in the market place. They say things like, "Look at that mama, one of her son owns a big oil company o...but she can't have kerosene for her cooking stove." Others say, "Her children are very intelligent o, they schooled abroad get first class degrees but they can't manufacture ordinary pencils." The rumours never cease, you hear things like, "When she was younger, they


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