Jide MmJ How I Love Your Name

  • Producer: Jide Folayan
  • Album: How I Love Your Name - Single
  • Added on: Feb 8th, 2016 by onetruce
Music Producer and Mix Engineer Jide MixMasterJ MmJ dedicates his latest release “How I Love Your Name” to God. The song is one very dear to him. He shared with us the inspiration behind the song;

So I got up at around 10 pm and stole away into my studio. I realized that all these years, I had been writing songs about God and also helping people do the same. References to God, stories about Him, testimonies…but I had never done a song to him that was really meant for him. So I said,”God, I want to do this song for you. I don’t care if I never release it.” 2 hrs later I crept into bed, wiping tears from my eyes.
Next day, I sent the song to an engineer friend for criticism and analysis. Instead, he played it to thousands of people and continues to do so. The end result? People are asking


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