OgI Kidd 05 The Tourist

  • Producer: OgI Kidd/Dalamar McTizic
  • Album: Melodic Fusion: (Beat Tape)
  • Added on: Nov 30th, 2014 by OgI Kidd
The original idea behind this project was to just put together a bunch of tracks that had samples in them, or were being used by some other artists that I know and respect. But then I had noticed a little while ago that I named a track "Jetpack to Venus" and another "Acid Rain," which is something that actually happens on Venus. So I decided to run with it, and rearranged the tracks to sort of tell an auditory/instrumental tale of adventure, struggle, love, and the long road back home. This is also a sort of thank you to everyone who's supported me up to this point, and a bit of a present to my self turning 21. With all of that said, I hope you all enjoy this Melodic Fusion: (Beat Tape).


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